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Biotechnology and Traditional Knowledge by Jadhav, S K
9788176223300             Rs 1490.00
xii+283p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Digital Forestry by Shanmughavel, P
9788170195061             Rs 1995.00
Today & Tomorrows Printers and Publishers
252p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Molecular Interactions by Shanmughavel, P & J Jayakanthan
9788170195115             Rs 1995.00
Today & Tomorrows Printers and Publishers
238p.,figs., tabls., 25 cm
Animal Genetics and Breeding by Tomar, Arun Kumar, Sukhvir Singh Tomar & Rajbeer Singh
9789351243144             Rs 2595.00
Daya Publishing House
xix+460p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable Development by Pullaiah, T
9788189233938             Rs 1495.00
Regency Publications
xi+253p., col., figs., tables, ind., 25cm
Biotechnology: An Overview by Gupta, Rajan Kumar
9789351243335             Rs 2595.00
Daya Publishing House
xiii+449p.,col.,figs.,tabls., ind., 25 cm
Botanical Histochemistry: Principles and Practice by Jensen, William J
9789383285259             Rs 2895.00
Agri Horti Press
viii+408p., figs., ind., 25cm
Cell Biology and Genetics by Rathoure , Ashok Kumar & Meena Srivastava
9789351243199             Rs 1695.00
Daya Publishing House
xvii+284p.,figs.,tabls., bib., 25 cm
Chromosomal Diversity in Insect by Sathe, T V & S S Patil
9789351243373             Rs 895.00
Daya Publishing House
viii+161.,figs.,tabls.,bib.,ind., 24 cm
Genetic Engineering Molecular Biology and Tissue Culture for Crop Pest and Disease Management by Vidyashekharan, P
9788170351146             Rs 1895.00
Daya Publishing House
xii+309p.,tabls.,figs., 23 cm
Introductory Microbiology by Pathak, D V, Abha Tikkoo & Sneh Goyal
9789351243267             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
x+162p.,figs.,tabls.,col. plts.,ref 25 cm
Microbial Biodiversity in Sustainable Agriculture by Chandra, Ram
9789351243304             Rs 2500.00
Daya Publishing House
xi+457p., col. plts., figs., tables, ind., 25cm
Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants: Breeding and Biotechnology by Bidhan Roy
9789351243878             Rs 15625.00 (Library)
558 pages,25cm
Advances in Protected Cultivation_Inact by Balraj Singh, Brahama Singh
9789351305651             Rs 5000.00 (Library)
248 pages,col.plts.,25cm
Advances in Soil Borne Plant Diseases by Manjunath Naik
9789351243915             Rs 12430.00 (Library)
444 pages,25cm
Agri-Horticultural Biodiverstiy of Temperate and Cold Arid Regions by Ahmed Zeerak Nazeer
9789351243960             Rs 8455.00 (Library)
302 pages,25cm
Agricultural Plant Biochemistry by G Nagaraj
9789351243939             Rs 7450.00 (Library)
266 pages,figures,tables,25cm
Agroforestry: Principles and Practices_Inact by Alok Kumar Patra
9789351305668             Rs 4800.00 (Library)
242 pages,25cm
Animal Cell Culture and Virology by S Nadi
9789351244066             Rs 4870.00 (Library)
174 pages,23cm
Applied Computational Biology and Statistics in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (Set of 2 Vols) by A K Roy
9789351244080             Rs 32815.00 (Library)
1172 pages,25cm
Applied Veterinary Andrology and Frozen Semen Technology by M Shukla
9789351244097             Rs 6550.00 (Library)
234 pages,25cm
Artificial Insemination and Treatment of Infertility in Dairy Animals by Suresh Honnappagol
9789351244103             Rs 4650.00 (Library)
166 pages,25cm
Basics of Mutation Breeding by S Thirugnanakumar
9789351244141             Rs 3390.00 (Library)
121 pages,figures,tables,25cm.
Biochemistry,Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Instant Notes by H P Gajera
9789351244165             Rs 10640.00 (Library)
380 pages,figures,tables,25cm
Bioinformatics in Agriculture: Tools and Applications by M Balakrishnan
9789351305705             Rs 8230.00 (Library)
294 pages,25cm
Biotechnology in Animal Health and Production by S K Jindal
9789351244196             Rs 7280.00 (Library)
260 pages,25cm
Biotechnology in Horticulture: Methods and Applications_Inact by K V Peter
9789351305712             Rs 8100.00 (Library)
404 pages,25cm
Biotechnology: Practical Manual Series Vol. 04 by K M TharA
9789351244219             Rs 7110.00 (Library)
254 pages,23cm
Botanicals as Ecofriendly Pesticides_(Inact) by P P Mahulikar & K M Chavan
9789351244226             Rs 7670.00 (Library)
274 pages,25cm
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