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Review on Chironomids by Deepak Rawal
9789351307488             Rs 1700.00 (Library)
Scholars World
ix+46 p., figs.,ref., 25 cm
Social Justice For Weaker Section by Ranjithkumar, A & Anil, A
9789351308287             Rs 4220.00 (Library)
Scholars World
viii+129 p., figs., tabls., 25 cm
Treatment of Cancers by Medicinal Plants by Govind Pandey
9789351308492             Rs 7830.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
x+244 p., figs., col.plts., tables., bib., 25 cm
Trends and Determinants of Savings and Investment in Indian Agriculture by Poonam Singh
9789351308508             Rs 8880.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xvi+272 p., tabls., 25 cm
Trends in Environmental Management by A G Devi Prasad
9789351308515             Rs 8380.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xiv+258 p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Understanding Food Security in Sikkim : A Case Study of Tathanchen Shyari Ward by Bitu Subba
9789351308522             Rs 3050.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xv+84 p., tabls., figs., 25 cm
Color Handbook of Flowering and Medicinal Plants by Rai, Yashwant
9788176223294             Rs 2200.00
xxii+250p.,col.,fig.,tabls.,ind., 25 cm
Fundamentals of Vegetable Cultivation by Maurya, K R
9789385055409             Rs 3950.00
Satish Serial Publishing House
xii+486p.,tabls.,pics., 25 cm
Encyclopaedia of Agricultural Acts, Schemes and Policies in 10 Vols by Singh, Vijendra
9789351246282             Rs 29995.00
Daya Publishing House
x+4576p., tabls., bib., ind., 25cm
Healing Herbs for Child Health Care by Sood, S K
9789351243601             Rs 3495.00
Daya Publishing House
ix+495 p., figs., col.plts., appendix, 25 cm
Soil Science: A Practical Perspective with Glossary and Facts About the Soil by Tomar, Avinash Singh
9788176223133             Rs 950.00
x+190p., 25 cm
Terminology of Soil Fertility, Fertilizer and Organics by Chand, Subhash
9788170359197             Rs 895.00
Daya Publishing House
vi+179p.,tabls., 23 cm
Biotech’s Dictionary of Genomics by Arora, Dinesh ed
9789351303480             Rs 9980.00 (Library)
324p., figs., 23 cm
Soil Science: A Practical Perspective with Glossary and Facts About the Soil by Tomar, Avinash Singh
9789351304883             Rs 6160.00 (Library)
x+190p., 700 gms
Watershed Management: An Encyclopaedia by Kurothe, R S et al
9789351305101             Rs 11920.00 (Library)
vi+381p., appendices, 23 cm
Biodiversity in India Vol. 7 by Pullaiah T, S Karurppusamy, S Sandhya Rani
9789351303336             Rs 13590.00 (Library)
Regency Publications
viii+433P., tables, figs., col. Plts., index, 25cm
Christianization and Empowerment of Lotha Naga Women in North East India by Adani Ngullie
9789351302322             Rs 5030.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xii+151p.,tabls.,bib., 25 cm
Economics of Motorized Crafts in Fishery by S Surapa Raju
9789351302667             Rs 5090.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xx+145p.,Tabls.,figs., 25 cm
Financial Matrix by Anil Kumar Jhajra, Santosh Jhajra
9789351305392             Rs 4440.00 (Library)
Scholars World
ix+135p.,tabls.,figs.,bib., 25 cm
Freshwater Algae of Eastern India by Siba Prasad Adhikary, Sudipta Kumar Das
9789351304005             Rs 14170.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
vii+453p.,figs.,plts.,tabls.,ind., 25 cm
Future Crops Vol. 1 by K V Peter
9789351305378             Rs 9520.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xxiii+286p., col. plts., figs., tabls., ind.,25 cm
Future Crops Vol. 2 by K V Peter
9789351304104             Rs 11900.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xxv+361p.,col.,plts.,ind., 25 cm
Intellectual Property Rights and their Importance in Research, Business and Industry by Ram Pratap Singh, Vinayak Singh Tomar
9789351304265             Rs 5670.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xviii+166p.,Figs.,Tabls.,ind.,25 cm
Investment Portfolio Management of the State Bank of India by Meghna Aggarwal
9789351302315             Rs 7000.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xv+212p., Figs.,tabls.,bib., 25 cm
Job Stress Among Police Personnel by Kalpesh Dhirubhai Naik, Umesh R Dangarwala
9789351302339             Rs 12790.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xix+396p., tabls., 23 cm
Md. Ali Jinnah : Re-Evaluation and Re- Vitalization by Rishikesh Jha
9789351306061             Rs 5030.00 (Library)
Scholars World
xv+148p., bib., 25 cm
Mechanization of Horticulture by SC Mandal
9789351304401             Rs 13770.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xv+432p., tabls, figs., 25cm
Mining and Environmental Sustainability by G S Roonwal
9789351304463             Rs 13310.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xiii+419p., tables, figs., bibl., 25cm
Nanotechnology for Animal Health and Production by S R Garg
9789351304524             Rs 10660.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xiv+332p.,tables, figs.,col. plts., index, 25cm
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