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Food and Dairy Microbiology by Getachew Osei
9789386595775             Rs 7952.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Food Biotechnology in Developing Countries by Gboyega Orolugbagbe
9789386595782             Rs 8120.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Food Microbiology and Food Science by S Letsola
9789386595799             Rs 7812.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Fundamentals of Biotechnology by P Smith
9789386595942             Rs 8680.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Fundamentals of Food Science and Food Biotechnology by Gboyega Orolugbagbe
9789386595966             Rs 8512.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

General Microbiology by P Smith
9789387642027             Rs 8428.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Handbook of Bioinformatics by C K Jewell
9789387642102             Rs 8176.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Handbook of Genomics by N L Nyan
9789387642157             Rs 7504.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology by Getachew Osei
9789387642218             Rs 6972.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Laboratory Techniques in Biotechnology Methods and Applications by P Smith
9789387642263             Rs 8120.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Merging Plant Breeding with Crop Biotechnology by T Kibbet
9789387642300             Rs 6972.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Physiology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants by Akinoye Gurnah
9789387642355             Rs 7672.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Plant Biotechnology by S T Karen
9789387642379             Rs 8624.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Plant Biotechnology Principles and Practices by P Smith
9789387642386             Rs 8008.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Tree Improvement and Biotechnological Approaches by Bhat, Adnan Ahmad et al
9789388027847             Rs 5770.00 (Library)
Analytical Techniques for Decision Making in Agriculture by Usha Ahuja, Rajni Jain, SS Raju
9789386615404             Rs 9240.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
x+320p., figs., tabls., ind., 25cm
Basic and Molecular Genetics by Tomar, Arun Kumar, Archana T Tomar & Sukhvir Singh Tomar
9789387057937             Rs 17300.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xx+598p., figs., tbls., indx., 25cm
Biocatalysts in Biomass to Bioproducts by K Ramasamy, S Karthikeyan, U Sivakumar
9789386615459             Rs 7670.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
x+264 p., col.figs., tabls., 25 cm
BIODIGESTER: An Innovative Technology for on-board Disposal of Human Waste in Indian Railways by Lokendra Singh, Vrat Kamboj
9789386615466             Rs 2465.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
x+78., tabls., figs., col., 25 cm
Biological Radiation Protection: A Protocol Manual by Raj Kumar
9789386615497             Rs 7450.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xxii+244 p., 25 cm
Biotechnological Tools for Genetic Resources by Pradip Chandra Deka
9789386615510             Rs 11930.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
x+416 p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Biotechnology of Plantation Crops by P Chowdappa etal
9789386615527             Rs 21225.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xxiv+742 p., figs., tabls., col.plts., ind., 25 cm
Biotechnology: Progress and Applications by Saif Hameed, Zeeshan Fatima
9789386615725             Rs 16295.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House

Environmental Biotechnology: A New Approach by Rajan Kumar Gupta, Satya Shila Singh
9789386615763             Rs 11565.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xv+398p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Fungal Diversity, Ecology and Metabolites by Nwosu, Obasi
9789388027205             Rs 8400.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press
xii+288 p., 25 cm
Introductory Food Toxicology by Lokesh Kumar Mishra
9788193476901             Rs 9910.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
x+344p., figs., tabls., bib., 25 cm
Key Notes on Genetics and Plant Breeding by Venkata R Prakash Reddy
9788193476932             Rs 13720.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
x+480p .,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Key Notes on Plant Biotechnology by Venkata R Prakash Reddy
9788193476949             Rs 11590.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
xii+402 p., 25 cm
Mangrove Microorganisms: Biodiversity and Biotechnology by Thatoi, Hrudayanath, Rashmi Ranjan Mishra & Bikash Chandra Behera
9789388027410             Rs 5210.00 (Library)
Daya Publishing House
viii+178p., figs., col. Plts., tabls., 25 cm
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