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Environmental Science
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Pollution - Soil, Air, Water, Noise, -- including
Renewable Resources of Energy & Biofuels
Sustainable Development
Waste Management
Bioresources for Sustainable Plant Nutrient Management by Chandra, Ramesh & K P Raverkar
9789381226889             Rs 4950.00
Satish Serial Publishing House
xvii+533p.,tables, figs., 25cm
Biotech’s Dictionary of Ecology by Arora, Dinesh ed
9788176221337             Rs 495.00
344p., figs., 23 cm
Environment Biodiversity and Traditional System by Khanna, D R et al eds
9788176223072             Rs 2000.00
x+438p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm., 1000 gms
Paryavaran Adhyayan: Samasyayen Evam Nidan by Shukal, Dinanath
9788176223256             Rs 1500.00
xiv+505p., figs., ind., 23 cm
Reference Manual of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering by Narayan, Mukund et al
9788176223089             Rs 850.00
viii+179p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Sustainable Agriculture: A Search for Innovations by Singh, Vir et al eds
9788176223140             Rs 990.00
xvi+215p., fig., tabls., bib., ind., 23 cm
Bharat Mein Prakritik Sansadhan Prabandhan va Sanvikas by Rathor, B.S. & Rathor, Vijay Singh
9789351242949             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
xxi+186p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Bio-energy from Wastewaters by Kaul, S. N. & Saini, D.R. & Sharma Yogesh Chandra & Kaul,Prateek
9788170358541             Rs 3295.00
Daya Publishing House
x+639p.,tabls., 25 cm
Biodiversity in India Vol. 7 by Rani, S. Sandhya
9788189233921             Rs 2795.00
Regency Publications
viii+433P., tables, figs., col. Plts., index, 25cm
Current Researches in Environmental Sciences by Sharma, Dushyant Kumar
9789351242598             Rs 1200.00
Daya Publishing House
xviii+227p., col.,plts.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Cyanobacteria Nature, Potentials and Applications by Tiwari , Archana
9788170359128             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
xi+243p., col.,plts.,figs.,tabls., 23 cm
Encyclopaedia of Rural Management in 15 Vols by Muniraju, S. B. & Kumar, Manoj
9789383285143             Rs 19995.00
Agri Horti Press
3776p in 15 vols
Evaluation of Ecotourism Resources in Nameri National Park of Assam by Das, Niranjan
9789351301950             Rs 1495.00
Scholars World
xv+257p.,figs.,tabls.,bib., 23
Fundamentals of Beekeeping by Sathe, T. V.
9788170354208             Rs 395.00
Daya Publishing House
ix+100p., figs., ind., 23 cm
Fundamentals of Environmental Economics by Kumar, A.
9788170359159             Rs 1795.00
Daya Publishing House
vii+289p.,figs.,tabls.,ind., 25 cm
Irrigation and Interlinking of Indian Rivers by Nath,Thakur Shailendra
9788170359166             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
xii+218p.,tabls., 25 cm
Livelihood Sustainability through Agro-biodiversity Conservation- A Socio-Economic Study by Fernandaz, C. Cinthia
9788170358619             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
xiii+215p.,plts., tabls., figs., 25cm
Micro-enterprises in Agriculture by Virdi, M. S.
9788170358657             Rs 1295.00
Daya Publishing House
ix+244p.,figs.,tabls., 23 cm
Mining and Environmental Sustainability by Roonwal, G. S. & Shahriar, K. & Ranjbar, H.
9788170358930             Rs 2495.00
Daya Publishing House
xiii+419p., tables, figs., bibl., 25cm
Nanoclays: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications by Patel, Hasmukh A.
9789351301905             Rs 995.00
Scholars World
vi+151p.,tabls.,figs., 25 cm
Paryavaran Jalvayu Privartan Evam Krishi by Prasad, Shiv & Bhatia, Arti & Jain, Niveta
9788170358329             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
viii+197p.,figs.,tabls., 23 cm
Pollution Abatement and Control by Kaul, S. N. & Saini, D.R. & Rai, B.N. & Kaul, Prateek
9789351242840             Rs 3295.00
Daya Publishing House
xiii+574p col., figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Recent Advances in Crop Physiology Vol. 1 by Singh, Amrit Lal
9789351242765             Rs 2800.00
Daya Publishing House
xii+445p., col.plts.,figs.,tabls.,ind., 25 cm
Seabuckthorn (Hippophae L.) A Multipurpose Wonder Plant Vol. IV: Emerging Trends in Research and Technologies by Virendra Singh
9789351242666             Rs 3500.00
Daya Publishing House
xlvi+617p.,col.plts.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Soil Conservation Management and Analysis by Madireddi V. Subba Rao
9788170358282             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
xii+96+118p.,glossary, 23
Stress Agronomy by Prasad, N. K.
9789351242741             Rs 995.00
Daya Publishing House
xii+186p.,figs.,tabls.,bib.,ind., 25 cm
Sustainable Environmental Management by Gangawane, L. V. & Khilare, V. C.
9788170354741             Rs 1300.00
Daya Publishing House
xiv+277p., col. plts., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Agricultural Waste Management (Vol. 12 of Encyclopaedia of Rural Management) by Manoj Kumar, Muniraju S. B
9789351305279             Rs 4955.00 (Library)
Agri Horti Press

Agricultural Water Management by Sharma, Premjit ed
9789351303183             Rs 8650.00 (Library)
vii+302p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm
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