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Microfinance and Women Empowerment: Performance of Rashtriya Mahila Kosh in North-East India by Lalrosiami Khuhly, Ram Singh, S. M. Feroze, Shanmebansan Marbaniang, Willey Syiem
9788176224161             Rs 800.00
xvi+82p., tbls., indx., 25cm
Appropriate Technologies for North East India by U.S.N. Murty
9788185211930             Rs 1495.00
Associated Publishing Company
vii+234p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Coming Out of Violence: Essays on Ethnicity Conflict Resolution and Peace Process in North East india by Monirul Hussain
9788189233181             Rs 1395.00
Regency Publications
222 pages
Ecology and Economic Systems: A Case of the Naga Community by U. A. Shimray
9788189233563             Rs 995.00
Regency Publications
Issues on Natural Resource Management With Special Reference to North East India by Francis Kulirani, Utpal Kumar De
9788189233518             Rs 1995.00
Regency Publications
Language Education in Nagaland: Sociolinguistic Dimensions by Rajesh Sachdeva
9788187498339             Rs 1295.00
Regency Publications
Mining Environment: Problems and Remedies by O P Singh
9788189233167             Rs 1995.00
Regency Publications
Polity and Economy: Agenda for Contemporary North East India by C Joshua Thomas
9788189233174             Rs 1195.00
Regency Publications
Society and Economy in North East india Vol 2 by Fozail Ahmad Qadri
9788189233402             Rs 2495.00
Regency Publications
358 pages
Society and Economy in North East india Vol 3 by D R Syiemlieh, Manorama Sharma
9788189233600             Rs 1995.00
Regency Publications
State and Society in North East india: A Study of Immigranttea Plantation Labourers by Purnendu Kumar
9788189233334             Rs 1395.00
Regency Publications
225 pages
Traditional Institutions n Meghalaya: A Study of Doloi and His Administration by L S Gassah
9788186030493             Rs 595.00
Regency Publications
voo+76p., 23 cm
Administrative Change in Mizoram by Rualthansanga, R
9789386317001             Rs 8905.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Administrative Development in Arunachal Pradesh by B.K. Singh
9789386317018             Rs 6945.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Agenda for Assam & The North East (2 Vols) by J.K. Sdas
9789386317049             Rs 21730.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Agricultural Marketing System in India by D. Bhagat
9789386949660             Rs 8372.00 (Library)
xxxiii+266p.,tabls.,figs.,ind., 25 cm
Agriculture in North East India by Lalchhuanmawia
9789386317056             Rs 3810.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Amateur's Guide to Birds of Assam by J. Purkayastha
9789386317070             Rs 4030.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Austro-Asiatic Linguistics of North East India by J. War
9789386317100             Rs 8680.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Beautiful Flowers of Assam by N. Nath
9789386317117             Rs 2520.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Civil Societies & Socio-Cultural Harmony in Assam by P. Patiri
9789386317155             Rs 6945.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Civil Societies, Voluntary & Social Transformation in India by B. Panda
9789386317162             Rs 7390.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Colonial Legacy & Environmental Crisis in North East India by A.C. Sinha
9789386317179             Rs 6720.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Concept of Freedom in Mizo Philosophy by K. Vanlalmawia
9789386317216             Rs 3305.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Constitutionalism & Constitution of India by S. Deka
9789351305125             Rs 6720.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Creations of Regional Council within Mizo Hills District by Rualthansanga, R
9789386317230             Rs 4705.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Development of Public Library in Mizoram by C.V. Ruaia
9789386317254             Rs 4480.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

Dynamics of Gender Disparity: North East Lens by S. Sengupta
9789386317261             Rs 10305.00 (Library)
EBH Publishers (India)

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