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Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Sysem in Forestry (PB) by Shahapurmath, Girish B & A G Koppad
9789388020695             Rs 1250.00
Satish Serial Publishing House
Precision in Crop Farming: Site Specific Concepts and Sensing Methods Application and Results by Heege, Hermann J
9789402412727             Rs 2995.00
Bio-Green Other (Exc)
xii+360p., figs., tbls., indx., 25cm
Geoinformation Photogrammetry Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS in 3 Vol. by NV Prasad
9789351307891             Rs 30070.00
Daya Publishing House
xiv+933p., figs., tabls., bib., ind., 25cm
Geoinformation Photogrammetry Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS in 3 Vols by Prasad, N V
9789351246183             Rs 5995.00
Daya Publishing House
xiv+933p., figs., tabls., bib., ind., 25cm
Practical Manual for GIS (PB) by Sreekanth, P D et al
9789389719437             Rs 495.00
Daya Publishing House
2018, xxii+326p., figs., tbls., indx., 25cm
Precision Farming by Sharma, Premjit
9788189729622             Rs 1500.00
vii+276p., figs., tabls., ind., bib., 23 cm
Precision Farming: A New Approach by Ram, Tulsa et al
9788170358275             Rs 2495.00
Daya Publishing House
ix+440p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Irrigation of Horticultural Crops (Acta Horticulturae 1150) by Marsal, J & J Girona
9789388173377             Rs 3995.00
I S H S-Astral
2019, xxvi+520p., figs., tbls., 25cm
Mitigating the Impact of Extreme Natural Events in Developing Countries by Durrheim, R J & B G N Sewwandi
9789388982160             Rs 2495.00
Daya Publishing House
Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management: Issues and Challenges by Mishra, P K & J K Verma
9789388982047             Rs 1095.00
Daya Publishing House
Objective Soil Science for SAUs and ICAR-AIEEA PG Entrance, JRF, SRF, ARS, ICAR-NET Ph.D, Civil Services and other Competitive Examination (PB) by Kadlag, Ashok D & B B Singh
9789351249894             Rs 395.00
Daya Publishing House
x+376p., 25 cm
Water Productivity: Principles and Practices by Umesh, M R & B M Chittapur
9789351249740             Rs 2495.00
Daya Publishing House
2019, xvi+350p., figs., color phto., tbls., 25cm
Biodiversity in Indian Scenarios by Ramakrishanan, N
9788170354437             Rs 1995.00
Daya Publishing House
xiv+338p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm
Drought Management and Desertification Control: Still Miles to Go by Dhir, R P & Kisamba Mugerwa
9789351249719             Rs 1695.00
Daya Publishing House
2018, x+209p., figs., color phto., tbls., 25cm
Environmental Impact Assessment and Management by Hosetti, B B & A Kumar
9788170351825             Rs 1995.00
Daya Publishing House
xxix+382p., figs., tabls., 23 cm
Land-Use and Environmental Resources: Methods and Management by Anil K Gupta
9788193476956             Rs 8130.00
Associated Publishing Company
xvii+247p., figs., col.plts., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Agricultural Meteorology and Physics by Milton, John
9789383285518             Rs 3295.00
Agri Horti Press
xii+546 p. 25 cm
Integrated Pest Management: Current Concepts and Ecological Perspective by Abrol, Dharam P
9789351073413             Rs 3995.00
Elsevier, Bio-Green Exclusive
2017, pages, 584
Concepts in Wildlife Management 3rd Revised and Enlarged Edn by Hosetti, B B
9788170355564             Rs 2795.00
Daya Publishing House
xvi+433p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Analytical Techniques in Agriculture by Kaleeswari, R K et al
9789385055522             Rs 2450.00
Satish Serial Publishing House
xiv+393p.,figs.,tabls., 25 cm
Biotechnology An Overview by Deepak Vyas, Dr Rajan Kumar Gupta, Dr Nasim Akhtar
9789351307648             Rs 14230.00
Daya Publishing House
xiii+449p.,col.,figs.,tabls., ind., 25 cm
Advances in Limnology by Mishra, Smriti Ratna
9788170352556             Rs 1895.00
Daya Publishing House
xv+328p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm
Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of India by Dholakia, A D
9788170353393             Rs 1995.00
Daya Publishing House
xxx+413p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Genetic Resources and Biotechnology in 3 Vols. by Thangadurai, D et al
9789352220113             Rs 5995.00
Regency Publications
1066 pages
Land-Use and Environmental Resources: Methods and Management by Gupta, Anil K
9788170358534             Rs 1695.00
Associated Publishing Company
xvii+247p., figs., col.plts., tabls., ind., 25 cm
Mineral Resources and Development by Roonwal, G S, K Shahriar & H Ranjbar
9788170353645             Rs 1295.00
Daya Publishing House
xvii+220p., figs., tabls., 25 cm
Advances in Environmental Sciences and Engineering by Aditya Kishore Das, Mira Das
9789351307501             Rs 17410.00
Daya Publishing House
xi+554p., figs., tabls., index, 25 cm
Plant Biodiversity Conservation and Management by Pullaiah T, G Meerabai
9789351308232             Rs 4010.00
Daya Publishing House
viii+122p., figs., tabls., 25 cm
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