Essentials Of Animal Behaviour

S R Eyeson

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  • ISBN: 9789387642669

  • No. of Pages: 304

  • Imprint: Agri Horti Press

  • Publisher: Agri Horti Press

  • Year: 2018

Animal behaviour is the scientific study of everything animals do, whether the animals are single-celled organisms, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, or mammals. It involves investigating the relationship of animals to their physical environment as well as to other organisms, and includes such topics as how animals find and defend resources, avoid predators, choose mates and reproduce, and care for their young. This book provides a broad overview of the current state of animal behaviour for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in zoology, biology, veterinary science and other allied fields. It provides all the basic concepts and latest information on animal behaviour. It is hoped that the book will be of interest and benefit to the researchers, students, teachers and all other engaged in the study of animal behaviour.

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Preface v 1. Ecology of Animal Behaviour 1 2. Development of Physical Structure 14 3. Absorption and Assimilation in Animals 44 4. Communication System of Animals 76 5. Behavioural Studies in Zoo Conservation 94 6. Behavioural Issues Involved in Birds 113 7. Behaviour of Vertebrates 138 8. Methods for Evaluating Habitat Selection 163 9. Evolution of Mammalian Sociality 205 10. Declining Amphibian Populations 224 11. Environments with and without Large Carnivores 254 12. Behavioural Ecology of Hunters 268 Bibliography 292 Index 294

Dr. S. R. Eyeson, Ph.D. (Animal Science) has vast experience in teaching and research in the Department of Animal Science, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana. His major areas of research interest are Animal Physiology and Animal Behaviour. Presently, Dr. Eyeson is serving as Consultant in Animal Science Research and Development, Ethiopia


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