Introductory Horticulture

E P Christopher

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  • ISBN: 9788176220569

  • No. of Pages: 490

  • Imprint: Biotech

  • Publisher: Biotech

  • Year: 2015

"Equally useful for students and practitioners of horticulture, this book describes the various horticultural practices along with their scientific background. The introductory part of the book deals with; classification, structure and growth of plants; climatic requirements of horticultural crops; soils selection and management; techniques of plant propagation; and the use of plant growing structures for modifying environmental conditions. Discussed further in detail are the principles involved and practices used for the growing of more common vegetable, flower and fruit crops. Cultural practices for specific crops have been described, wherever possible.
Some of the allied topics like principles of landscaping growth abnormalities of plants and control of insects and diseases; and organization of horticultural shows, have been covered in the concluding section of the book. Books for further reading have been listed under select references and an exhaustive subject index has been appended to the text.

viii482p., figs., tabls., ind., 23 cm


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