Food Analysis

Neelam Khetarpaul,D Punia,S Jood

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  • Year: 2016

The science of food analysis has grown tremendously in its scope in recent years. New analysis techniques are being developed and existing techniques optimized. Moreover, there is a growing demand from students of various disciplines to acquire training in the fundamentals of quantitative and qualitative analysis with sufficient laboratory techniques to equip them for research work in these different specialized fields. To meet the demands and interests of such students, this book on food analysis has been prepared. This book provides information on general topics like sampling and sampling procedures and solvent extraction also which is very essential prior to application of various techniques needed to analyze foods in laboratory experiments. Other topics covered include information on the basic principles, procedures, advantages, limitations, and applications of gas liquid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, fluorescence techniques, fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, atomic absorption and emission spectroscopy, multivariate calibration etc. from the perspective of their use in the chemical analysis of foods. We hope that this book shall be ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in food analysis and also an invaluable reference to professionals in the food industry.

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Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Khetarpaul worked as Professor and Head, Department of Foods and Nutrition and formerly Dean, College of Home Science, at CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. She is the recipient of various Visiting Fellowships abroad funded by different national and international agencies and visited USA, Australia, UK, Hungary and Netherlands for academic pursuits. She has published more than 160 research papers in various journals of national and international repute and 15 books in the discipline of Food Science and Human Nutrition. Dr. (Mrs.) Sudesh Jood is working as Associate Professor in Department of Food and Nutrition at CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. She has authored more than 75 research papers in reputed national and international journals of repute. Dr. Darshan Punia is presently working as Scientist in the Department of Foods and Nutrition. She was the Principal Investigator of National Agricultural Technology Project funded by ICAR. She also received Best Research Paper Presentation Award during the year 1998. She has published about 50 research papers in national and international journals of repute. Presently she is the Incharge of All Indian Coordinated Research Project in the Department of Foods and Nutrition, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar.


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