Recent Researches In Aquatic Environment

Ashutosh Gautam,N K Agarwal

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  • ISBN: 9788170351443

  • No. of Pages: 200

  • Imprint: Daya Publishing House

  • Publisher: Daya Publishing House

  • Year: 1995

At the time when environmental pollution is increasing day-by-day this book has been prepared for taking care of the aquatic environment. This book present the most important aspects of aquatic environment such as ecology, pollution, impact, assessment, conservation and management of water resources and aquaculture, in a single volume. It elaborates the pollution control aspects of selected polluted wastes containing phenol, benzo-a-pyrene and mercury. Included in the book are actual scientific research studies/ reviews written by the eminent scientists of the field. This book is intended as a research oriented book for researchers, scholars and scientists. Administrators, decision makers, planners and academician would also find it an invaluable reference. It would also serve as a supplementary reading book for the post graduate students in environmental science.

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Contents Chapter 1: Impact Assessment Studies with Reference to Aquatic Environment; Chapter 2: Ecological Studies on the River Panchganga at Kolhapur with Emphasis on Biological Components; Chapter 3: Plant Toxins and Aquatic Environment: Effects on Hill Stream Fish Behaviour and Gills; Chapter 4: Studies on Hydrological Condition of River Saura in Relation to its Impact on Biological Health; Chapter 5: Water Quality of Lotic Aquatic Environment in Garhwal HimalayaTowards Deterioration: A Review; Chapter 6: Prospects of Aquaculture in High Altitude Reservoirs: The Case of Garhwal Himalaya (India); Chapter 7: Limnology of Freshwater Pond of Gulbarga; Chapter 8: Limnology of a Eutrophic Pond with Reference to Physicochemical Factors at Navile, Shimoga; Chapter 9: Heavy Metal Study of Poomphuhar Sea Coast; Chapter 10: Mosquito Problem in Irrigation SystemsA Case Study of Doon Valley; Chapter 11: Water Quality Management in Indian Perspectives; Chapter 12: Conservation of Aquatic Environment by Treating Polluted Wastes and Waters.


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