Meat Preservation Preventing Losses And Assuring Saffty

Robert G Cassens

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  • ISBN: 9788126557318

  • No. of Pages: 144

  • Imprint: Bio-Green Wiley (Exc)

  • Publisher: Bio-Green Wiley (Exc)

  • Year: 2015

Meat Preservation is written as an integrated and all-encompassing text that includes historical aspects and trends, discussion of basic background information, the evaluation and status of techniques and procedures and treatments of potential future developments. The latter are particularly important because based on consumer desires, there is a definite trend developing to produce and market meat and meat products that have been subjected to a lesser degree of preservation, yet appear to be fresh and more healthful. Today, there is an intense interest to produce the safest meat possible. The overriding theme of Meat Preservation, provides the understanding of the science of meat and discussion for using known technologies to achieve the goal of safe meat of high quality.

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Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Understanding Muscle and Meat. 3. The Meat Industry. 4. Preservation against What. 5. Physical Methods of Preservation. 6. Chemical Methods of Preservation. 7. Microbiological Methods of Preservation. 8. Managing Preservation. 9. Summary and Conclusions. Preferences. Index.

Robert G. Cassens, Dept. of Meat and Animal Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin


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