Perspective Of Extension Education

M M Adhikary

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  • Year: 2019

The book Perspective of Extension Education has certainly been a selection by the time itself, not by the choice of the author himself. The book has accommodated all possible innovative aspects of extension sciences along with its basic and classical contents. The book has been in full compliance with the UG & PG students course guidelines as delineated by the ICAR, New Delhi. The chapterisation being: Part I- Basis of Extension Education: Fundamental of Extension Education Modern Agricultural Extension Managing Human Resource Planning within Extension Training and Evaluation in Extension Gender Analysis in Agriculture Extension Role in Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development Monitoring and Evaluation for Agricultural Extension Programmes Role of Extension in Sustainable Agricultural Development and The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Extension, Part 2- Society with Sociology and Psychology: Rural Sociology Rural Government Society with Sociology Culture and Society and Educational Psychology, Part 3-Rural Development, Rural Development Developmental Programmes of Pre-independence Era and Post-independence Era CDP Organization Set Up in Agricultural Development Programme Basic Elements of Rural Development Reorganized Extension System, Part 4- Participatory Development, Participatory Technology Development and Participatory Extension and Participatory Research, Part 5 - Training and Development, Training Methods of Training Trainers Role and Responsibility The Process of Learning and Training Module, Part 6 - Communication and Diffusion of Innovations, Concept and Element of Communication Models of Communication Principles of Effective Communication Theories and Functions of communication Barriers to communication Some Relevant Terminologies in Communication Agricultural Communication & Journalism Diffusion and Innovation, Part 7 - Audio-Visual Aids, Meaning and Classification of AV Aids and Part 8 - Research, Teaching and Extension, History of Agricultural Research in India Establishment of the ICAR Agricultural Universities KVK ATMA and Different Extension Programmes in India. The book will be welcome by a galaxy of scholars and professionals and keep generating valuable feed back in reconstructing it in due course of time.

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Contents Foreword v Preface ix Part I: Basis of Extension Education 1. Fundamental of Extension Education 3 2. Modern Agricultural Extension 45 3. Human Resource Planning Extension 74 4. Training and Evaluation in Extension 84 5. Gender Analysis in Agricultural Extension 110 6. Role of Extension in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development 119 7. Monitoring and Evaluation for Extension Programmes 144 8. Agricultural Extension in Sustainable Agricultural Development 163 9. The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Agricultural Extension 189 Part II: Society with Sociology and Psychology 10. Rural Sociology 213 11. Rural Government (Gram Panchayat) 245 12. Society with Sociology 257 13. Culture and Society 269 14. Educational Psychology 291 Part III: Rural Development 15. Rural Development 315 16. Developmental Programmes of Pre-Independence Era 320 17. Developmental Programmes of Post-Independence Era 325 18. Community Development Programme 330 19. Organization Set Up in Agricultural Development Programme 344 20. Basic Elements of Rural Development 362 21. Reorganized Extension System (T&V System) 374 Part IV: Participatory Development 22. Participatory Technology Development 383 23. Participatory Extension and Participatory Research: Concept, Implication and Modalities 414 Part V: Training and Development 24. Training 431 25. Methods of Training 445 26. The Trainer’s Role and Responsibility 458 27. Training Module or Course Evaluation 479 Part VI: Communication and Diffusion of Innovations 28. Concept and Element of Communication 509 29. Models of Communication 520 30. Principles of Effective Communication 527 31. Theories of Communication 530 32. Barriers to Communication 539 33. Some Relevant Terminologies in Communication 549 34. Agricultural Communication and Journalism 562 35. Diffusion of Innovations 577 36. Innovation 589 Part VII: Audio-Visual Aids 37. Meaning of Audio-Visual Aids 621 38. Classification of Audio Visual Aids 6W Part VIII: Research, Teaching and Extension 39. History of Agricultural Research in India 679 40. Establishment of the Imperial Council of Agricultural Research (The Present-Day ICAR) 683 41. Agricultural Universities 692 42. Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Farm Science Centre) 697 43. Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) 716 44. Different Extension Programmes in India 730 References 741 Index 799

Professor Manas Mohan Adhikary (b.1951), a retired Professor of Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal was attached with the profession of teaching, research and extension for about thirty-seven years. His immense potentiality of academic activities and capability to work with the people, sense of research and extension works helped him to serve as Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Registrar, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Vice-Chancellor, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, and Director (In charge), Directorate of Extension Education in the same University as well as Head of the Department of Agricultural Extension. To his credit there are 98 numbers of scientific research papers published in National & International Journals of repute, a good score of chapters and 24 numbers of books .


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