Red Biotechnology

Anjani Singh Tomar,Viralkumar B Mandaliya

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  • ISBN: 9789351249627

  • No. of Pages: 340

  • Imprint: Daya Publishing House

  • Publisher: Daya Publishing House

  • Year: 2019

The present edited book aimed at finding out the issues in Medical Biotechnology and how they can be addressed which together referred as Red Biotechnology. The outline of the book was prepared as a part of the awareness program on the Biotechnology field. The contribution were invited from the people involved in biomedical field, directly or indirectly. The chapters have covered the substantive matter from India and abroad. The chapters explained advanced scientific knowledge as well as the regulatory framework in medical biotechnology. The issues and analysis presented in this book will shape the policy and theoretical debates in medical biotechnology, at large. It is an excellent reference for advanced students of medical biotechnology, researchers, health professionals and scientists working in the field of red biotechnology.

2019, x+324p., col,figs., tbls., 25 cm

Acknowledgements v Preface vii Electroactive Biofilms: Application in Microbial Fuel Cell 1 Ambika Arkatkar, Preeti Sharma, Arvind Kumar Mungray Nano in Fine Print 33 Suhani Patel, Sonal Bakshi Resurgence of Organic Pigments and its application in Technical Textile Industry 45 Urvi Vachheta Patenting Genes: From Chakrabarty to Myriad and Beyond 57 Aswini Anjana V., Mariya Fatma Going the Unconventional Way- Gene Patents in India 69 Jai Shanker Bajpai and Smriti Gandhi Cryonics in India-Fulfilling the Ardent Desire to Live 81 Hatim Hussain, Prateek Srivastava Patenting Life: Genetic Patenting in India 109 Angela Dsouza The Effects of Chemotherapy Treatment on Male Reproductive Functions 127 Khaled Habas, Martin. H. Brinkworth and Diana Anderson Molecular Diagnostics-Nucleic Acid based Techniques for Modern Diagnostic Tools 141 Yachana Jha Exploring Social, Economic and Emotional aspects of Surrogacy Practice- A Retrospective Analysis of 106 Surrogate Mothers in a Single Centre in Anand 157 Nayana H. Patel, Niket H. Patel, Molina Patel, Harsha K. Bhadarka, Yuvraj D. Jadeja and Nilofar R. Sodagar Genetic Testing and Privacy 165 Sejal Pal, Nidhi Patel and Preeti Sharma Antibiotic Resistance 179 Dr Gurudas Khilnani and Dr Ajeet Kumar Khilnani Stem Cells its Emerging Biology, Clinical Applications and Challenges 201 Kanjaksha Ghosh, Avani Shah and Kanchan Mishra Molecular Approaches along with Conventional Hemagglutination for Multitransfused Patients 213 Avani Shah, Preeti Sharma, Keyur Patel, Kanjaksha Ghosh and Kanchan Mishra Research & Developments in Medicinal Plants Sector: An Analysis from 36 States / Union Territories of India 243 Rahil Mathakia, Ashaba Rana and Viralkumar B. Mandaliya Antibiotic Resistance: Causes and Challenges 257 Dr. Anjali Soni, Amee Patel, Vishma Shah and Juie Rana Surrogacy: The Dawn of Sterile Citizenry and the Legal Lacunae 273 Aiman Farhat DNA Forensics: Ethical & Legal Issues in Red Biotechnology 307 Amit K Kashyap 19. Pre-natal Sex Selection and Infanticide: Advanced Technology vs Social Issues, Global Perspective Viralkumar B. Mandaliya 319 Color Plates

Dr Anjani Singh Tomar is an Associate Professor of Law at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), Gandhi Nagar. She is recipient of 5 Gold medals from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, (DAVV), Indore, for holding merit positions in LL.B. (Hons) & LL.M. exams. She is also holder of M.Sc. degree in Clinical Bio-Chemistry from Holkar Science College, DAVV, Indore. She passed her NET (Law) exam in 2008 & received Ph.D. degree in 2010. She has an experience of more than 11 years as a faculty in Law. She has written books on variety of subjects including labor law, information technology, taxation laws, intellectual property laws etc. She is editor of leading journal of the country, The GNLU Law Review. She has published the papers in leading journals of the country as well. She has also worked as faculty of law at Indore Institute of Law, Indore, & University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun. Dr Viralkumar B. Mandaliya is an Assistant Professor – Research at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhi Nagar. He was awarded with “Bharat Shiksha Ratan” by Global Society for Health and Educational Growth, Delhi, and “Young Scientist” by Venus International Foundation, India. He hold numerous member positions of Scientific and Educational Society and Council. He has pursued several short term courses from WIPO, Geneva; agMOOCs, Ministry of HRD, GoI; EUIPO, Spain. He has numerous publications (national and international), book and book chapters, paper-presentations to his credit.


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