Biotechnology: Secondary Metabolites Plants And Microbes 2nd Edn

J M Merillon,K G Ramawat

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  • ISBN: 9781138581777

  • No. of Pages: 586

  • Imprint: Bio-Green Other (Exc)

  • Publisher: Bio-Green Other (Exc)

  • Year: 2018

About the Book Biotechnological approaches have the potential to augment the supply of plant-based compounds the demand for which is increasing. The book provides a comprehensive account of such approaches. This book comprises topics such as secondary metabolites production in culture using different approaches such as optimization, selection, biotransformation and possible mechanism of production, genetic transformation using Agrobacteriunm rizogenes, and use of different types of bioreactor systems. Diverse compounds such as alkaloids, steroids, insecticides, antitumour agents and foood additives, metabolites from fungi, lichens and plants are arranged in different chapters. Chapters on techniques used for the study of cells and production of secondary metabolites are also included. The book will serve as a source material for students, teachers and researchers working in the fields of agriculture, botany, biotechnology, pharmacy and environmental sciences.

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Table of Contents Preface List of Contributors 1. Biotechnology for Medicinal Plants: Research Need J.M. Merillon and K.G. Ramawat 2. Secondary Plant Products in Nature K.G. Ramawat 3. Factors Affecting the Production of Secondary Metabolites K.G. Ramawat and Meeta Mathur 4. Production of Food Additives G.A. Ravishankar, N. Bhagyalakshmi and S. Ramachandra Rao 5. Production of Insecticides Amita Pal 6. Production of Food Additives G.A. Ravishankar, N. Bhagyalakshmi and S. Ramachandra Rao 7. Production of Insecticides Amita Pal 8. Production of Steroids and Saponins Anupama Wagle, G.D. Kelkar and M.R. Heble 9. Understanding the Regulatory Mechanism of Secondary Metabolite Production J.M. Merillon and K.G. Ramawat 10. Production of Secondary Metabolites by Bioconversion Niesko Pras and Herman J. Woerdenbag 11. Genetic Transformation for Production of Secondary Metabolites Sumita Jha 12. Largescale Production in Bioreactors J.M. Merillon 13. Production of Ergot Alkaloids from Claviceps Arun Kumar and R. Raj Bhansali 14. Lichen Products Wanda Quilhot, Cecilia Rubio and Ernesto Fernandez 15. Chinese Herbal Drug Industry: Past, Present and Future Lixin Zhang and Wei Jia 16. Secondary Metabolites in in vitro Cultures of Ruta graveolens L. and Ruta graveolens ssp. divaricata (Tenore) Gams Halina Ekiert and Franz Ch. Czygan 17. Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activity of Extracts and Secondary Metabolites Obtained from Plants and Lichens of Patagonia Austral. R.D. Enriz, M.L. Freile, E. Correche and M.J. GomezLechon 18. Tools and Techniques for the Study of Plant Tissue Culture K.G. Ramawat and Meeta Mathur 19. Practicals K.G. Ramawat A. Demonstration of Presence of Sterols B. Leucoanthocyanin Test C. Saponin Test D. Phenol Test E. Flavonoid Test IX. Further Readings X. Annexures Index


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