Modern Farm Management: Principles And Practice

Andrew Boss

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  • ISBN: 9788176221092

  • No. of Pages: 588

  • Imprint: Biotech

  • Publisher: Biotech

  • Year: 2014

In the preparation of this book the authors have attempted to develop the background upon which successful farming is founded, and to present in concise from and orderly discussion of the many problems and procedures involved in acquiring, organising and operating a farm. Material not hitherto available in text form has been included to supplement and complete the information required for successful operation of a farm business. The text has been prepared for use in a general course in farm management. Although the book has been prepared primarily as text, it is also suitable as a guide book for farmers, many of whom will profit by careful reading. Contents Introductory Chapter 1: What is Farm Management? Chapter 2: History and Development of Farm Management; Chapter 3: Characteristics of Farming. Part I: Elements Involved in Farming Chapter 4: Natural Resources in Relation to Farming; Chapter 5: Agricultural Production Areas; Chapter 6: Economic Forces Modify Production Areas; Chapter 7: Characteristics of Types of Farming. Part II: Farm Organisation Chapter 8: Becoming Established in Farming; Chapter 9: Principles of Soil and Crop Management Involved in Farm Organisation; Chapter 10: The Place of Livestock in Farm Organisation; Chapter 11: Planning the Physical Organisation of the Farm; Chapter 12: Organisation of the Farm Unit; Chapter 13: Mapping the Farm and Measuring Production; Chapter 14: Checking the Results; Chapter 15: Improving the Organisation; Chapter 16: Budgeting a Farm Business; Chapter 17: Which Plan Promises the Best Return? Part III: Farm Operation Chapter 18: Principles of Farm Operation; Chapter 19: Determining the Results from Operation; Chapter 20: Measures of Management in Farm Operation; Chapter 21: Measuring the Efficiency of Operation; Chapter 22: The Human Factor in Farm Operation; Chapter 23: Shaping the Work Programme; Chapter 24: Farm Work Simplification; Chapter 25: Equipment for Economic Operation; Chapter 26: Farm Marketing Problems. Part IV: Farm Management Services and Related Problems Chapter 28: Useful Farm Records; Chapter 29: The Use of Capital and Credit in Farming; Chapter 30: Farm Marketing Organisations; Chapter 31: Farm Management Services; Chapter 32: Planned Production Programmes; Chapter 33: Legal Matters Relating to Farm Business. Appendix I: Measuring and Mapping a Farm.

viii580p., tabls., figs., appendix, ind., 23 cm


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