Role Of Entrepreneurs In Backward Areas

H Sadhak

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  • ISBN: 9788170350583

  • No. of Pages: 196

  • Imprint: Daya Publishing House

  • Publisher: Daya Publishing House

  • Year: 1989

Since industrial development and social changes are greatly influenced by entrepreneurial quality and supply, scattered attempts have been made to induce and motivate potential entrepreneurs. No comprehensive study is available to trace the root causes for their unsatisfactory performance. The author examines the crucial issues of the Indian economy and traces the missing link between objectives and achievements under a broader socio-economic perspective. A three-year-long field study covering a large number of industries promoted by first generation entrepreneurs recording their achievements and failures has meticulously been analysed. The practical application of the scientific approach to this burning problem has brought out the most fascinating result. It has given a structural model for developing an entrepreneurial society.

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Contents Chapter 1: Role of Entrepreneurs in Industrial Development; Chapter 2: Changing Industrial Environment in India; Chapter 3: Institutional Efforts to Develop Entrepreneurship in India; Chapter 4: First Generation Entrepreneurs: A Field Study; Chapter 5: Performance of First Generation Entrepreneurs; Chapter 6: Towards an Entrepreneurial Developing Society.


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