Bidi Rolling In Rural Development

Somu Giriappa

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  • ISBN: 9788170350347

  • No. of Pages: 139

  • Imprint: Daya Publishing House

  • Publisher: Daya Publishing House

  • Year: 1987

Rural development encompasses a wide range of activities and policy overtones directed at it usually specify development of agriculture, rural industries and allied sectors. Subsidy and relief measures have become essential ingredients of current policy aimed at developing different sectors and target groups. There are certain sectors where subsidy and relief measures are least necessary and economic incentives could make such sectors develop from the view points of employment and productivity. Bidi-rolling is one of such a sector. An attempt is made in this book to analyse its various aspects: labour absorption, female participation, contribution to rural development, etc. Based on secondary and primary sources of data and information, the study makes a good beginning for initiating a shift in policy options towards more productive sub-sectors within the rural economy which could speed up the process of rural development.

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Chapter 1: Rural Development; Chapter 2: Bidi Industry; Chapter 3: Problem and Method; Chapter 4: Employment and Income Structure; Chapter 5: Consumption Expenditure; Chapter 6: Some Issues in Bidi Manufacturing; Chapter 7: Relationship Between Income and Other Variables; Chapter 8: The Impact of Bidirolling on FemaleHeaded Households; Chapter 9: Diversification and Integration; Chapter 10: Conclusions.


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