Scenario Of Agriculture In Andhra Pradesh

I V Y Rama Rao,V T Raju

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  • ISBN: 9788170353492

  • No. of Pages: 272

  • Imprint: Daya Publishing House

  • Publisher: Daya Publishing House

  • Year: 2005

This book deals with important aspect of Agricultural Economics and Applied Economics. As agriculture is backbone to Indian economy in the past, present and also in future. This is equally valid for Andhra Pradesh. Previously there were mainly microscopic studies like growth and instability of particular crops in Andhra Pradesh or of agriculture in particular district or regions. It is with this background that the present study was undertaken to analyse the growth pattern and to assess the magnitude of instability and to study the association between production and other variables in agriculture in Andhra Pradesh. It is both comprehensive and intensive approach to study growth and instability of agriculture. Comprehensive part was taking all major crops and crop groups and intensive part is employing various analytical tools and studying at district level. This book is more practical in its approach and covers both fundamental and applied aspects. The material is presented in lucid language. This book serves as reference book for research workers and policy makers. This book aptly fit as supplementary reading for post graduate students and research scholars belongs to agriculture, agricultural economics and applied economics.

xxii250p., figs., tabls., bib., ind., 23 cm

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Methodology
Chapter 3: Findings, Rice, Jowar, Total cereals, Redgram, Greengram, Total pulses, Total foodgrains, Groundnut, Castor, Total oilseeds, Agricultural crops
Chapter 4: Research, Extension and Development Strategies
Chapter 5: Summary and Conclusions


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