Indian Insect Pests

F M Howlett,H Maxwell Lefrouy

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  • ISBN: 9788170193586

  • No. of Pages: 318

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  • Publisher: Today & Tomorrows Printers and Publishers

  • Year: 2009

The object of this book is to serve useful purpose of a manual of practical information for the use of intelligent agriculturalist in the protection of his crops from insect pests and provide a suitable textbook for use in Agricultural and School and Colleges to acquaint them with the working knowledge of insect pests and of the practical measures for the protection of crops. This book is a testimony to the strenuous efforts made during a decade of Years in the field of economic entomology dealing with insect pests and their treatment by the author.
In this book the author has given a short account of the general features of the lives of insects as well as salient facts concerning destructuive pests and closely concerned his study with the part played by them in the reduction of the yield of the staple crops of the country and based his study on the Indian Museum Notes and other literature besides his and his other colleagues in the field and valuable information collected from Mamlatdar, Tehsildar to the high officials of the Government of India namely Director of Agriculture, Imperial Entomologist, Botanists and Horticulturist, the illustrations are largely the work of the artist in the Indian Museum Baby C.C. Chakraburthy and remaining were prepared by other artists under the supervision of the author.

xii318page, Royal8vo. 346 illustrations.


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