Postharvest: Ethical And Technological Issues In 3 Vols (Acta Horticulturae 1194)

E Aguayo,F Artes Hernandez,F Artes,P A Gomez

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  • ISBN: 9789388173339

  • No. of Pages: 1442

  • Imprint: I S H S-Astral

  • Publisher: I S H S-Astral

  • Year: 2019

The present publication written by leading experts in their respective fields. Volume 1 covers preharvest and harvesting advances, pathology, MAP and coatings, omics and molecular techniques, physiology and disorders. Volume 2 describes postharvest advances, affordable technologies and innovative techniques, advances in postharvest treatment, minimal processing, affordable pre- and postharvest technologies for developing countries. Volume 3 focuses on non-destructive technique, consumer preferences and aroma, postharvest physiology, physiology and biochemical issues, controlled atmospheres and non-destructive tools, packaging transport distribution and postharvest treatments nutritional and health promoting compounds/modelling postharvest strategies and education. This publication would serve as a valuable book for practicing food technologists, postharvest technologists, students, teachers researchers, agricultural engineers, food processors, food scientists and progressive farmers.

2019, xivii+1441., fig., tlbs., 25cm


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