Environment And We In 21st Century

Poonam Agarwal

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  • Year: 2019

Environment is everything that is around us. All living things live in this environment naturally. But, the condition of our environment is depleting regularly. In 21st century, nature/ environment has faced new kind of tragic problems like various types of pollutions, climate change, shrinking natural landscapes, fast vanishing flora and fauna and depleting natural resources, human population explosion and resultant increasing greed, competition, consumerism etc. All these problems have cropped up due to thoughtless exploitation of various natural resources by we people and also due to our egoistic attitude towards nature. These anthropological activities have led the condition to a crisis stage and progress of technology has changed our thinking and life style. Therefore, environment needs its sustainable use and management of natural resources. The various chapters of the book cover all related disciplines of environment and anthropological activities. These chapters include: our environment, population and environment, urbanization stress on environment, consumerism and environmental degradation, society, technology and environment, environment and sustainable tourism, global warming–a byproduct of globalization, climate change and environment, radiation pollution – threat to environment, polythene pollution, toxic tour in homes, foods polluted by chemicals cause havoc, natural resources in 21st century, anthropogenic impact on planet earth, water crisis, rain water management, religious belief and environment protection, women and environmental protection, environmental protection through education, environmental protection and the judiciary, marching towards sustainability, sustainable development- new approach, changing environment: adaptive strategies and technologies. The book will be immense use to the ecologists, conservationists, foresters, NGOs, students, teachers and researchers engaged in environment science.

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Preface vii 1. Our Environment 1 2. Population and Environment 5 3. Urbanization Stress on Environment 11 4. Consumerism and Environmental Degradation 17 5. Society, Technology and Environment 21 6. Environment and Sustainable Tourism 25 7. Global Warming – A Byproduct of Globalization 35 8. Climate Change and Environment 41 9. Radiation Pollution – Threat to Environment 47 10. Polythene Pollution 53 11. Toxic Tour in Homes 63 12. Foods Polluted By Chemicals Cause Havoc 69 13. Food Security: A Global Challenge 75 14. Natural Resources in 21st Century 81 15. Anthropogenic Impact on Planet Earth 87 16. Water Crisis 91 17. Rain Water Management 95 18. Religious belief and Environment Protection 101 19. Women and Environmental Protection 107 20. Environmental Protection through Education 113 21. Environmental Protection and the Judiciary 117 22. Marching towards Sustainability 123 23. Sustainable Development- New Approach 129 24. Changing Environment: Adaptive Strategies and Technologies 135 Bibliography 139 Index 143

Dr Poonam Agarwal has obtained her M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in Botany and got selected for post of Assistant Professor, Botany through Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, U.P. She is currently working as Associate professor and Head, Department of Botany, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Government P.G.College, Fatehpur (U.P.). She has been teaching basic and advanced Botany for last twenty three years. She has to her credit 35 research papers published in National and International Journals, books and magazines. She has frequently participated and presented papers in several national and international seminars. She has written a book entitled ‘Challenges to Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development’ published by Scholars World, Astral International (P) Ltd., New Delhi. The book entitled ‘Environmental Crisis and Society: A Sustainable Approach’ and special issue of the journal ‘International Research and Reviews’ are also edited by her as one of the editors. She has the life membership of Indian Association of Music Therapy working as Executive Body Adviser of the Association. She is also assigned as Associate Editor of World Journal of Applied Sciences and Research and Editor of International Journal of Music Therapy.


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