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Astral publishes higher academic reference books in Agriculture, Science and Technology, Indian Medicine and Social Sciences. We have in-house facilities for typesetting, editing, designing, printing and distribution, manned by experire
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Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry and state-of-the-art technology. Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry.
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microfinance-models-policies-and-experience By Barik, Dr. Susanta Kumar
fundamentals-of-beekeeping By Sathe, T V
zakhm-hamare-upanyas-ka-aalochanatmak-adhayayan By Meena, Asha
science-and-technology-diplomacy-in-developing-countries By NAM S
bioactive-phytochemicals-perspectives-for-modern-medicine-volume-2 By Gupta , Vijay Kumar
recent-advances-in-crop-physiology-vol-1 By Singh , Amrit Lal
tilhani-fasalon-ki-unnat-kheti By Vinod Singh and Chauhan , M
introductory-microbiology By Pathak, D. V.  and Tikkoo,
sustainable-environmental-management By Gangawane, L. V. and  Khila
classification-and-identification-of-freshwater-fishes By Hiware , Dr.  C.J. and Pawa
former-international-cricketer-brijesh-patel-his-personality-and-achievements By Dr. Rajkumar G. Karve
practicals-in-agricultural-economics By Sharma, Pawan Kumar  and Dw
sustainable-development-of-natural-resources-and-wildlife-conservation By Dubey, Ashwani Kumar
bio-energy-from-wastewaters By Kaul, S. N.  and Saini, D.R
fisheries-administration-and-development By Saxena, Amita
broad-leaved-weeds By Pradhan, Adhikant
fasalon-ki-navintam-utpadan-prodhyogiki-in-2-volume By R P Chandola
economics-of-organic-farming By Sudheer, Dr. P. Sri Krish
botanical-histochemistry-principles-and-practice By William A. Jensen
principles-of-food-science-and-human-nutrition-teaching-manual-pbk By Dr. Pratibha Singh
effect-of-zodiac-signs-and-planets-on-indian-stock-market By Shah, Pinkal  and Chaudhari
laboratory-manual-of-biochemistry By Khan, Dr. Nawaz Ahmad
multiple-choice-questions-in-home-science-for-competitive-examinations-pbk By Nazni , P.
agricultural-pests-and-their-management By Shukla, Dr. Abhishek
bamboo-flowering-and-rodent-control By Tandon, Veena. and Baril, S
amritlal-nagar-ke-upanyason-me-nari-sambandhi-drishtikon By Sarita
waste-treatment-processes-in-environmental-engineering By Kaul , Prof  S N , and Sain
methodology-for-social-sciences-research-in-agriculture By Nirmal Ravi Kumar K .Jaga
biotechnology-an-overview By Gupta, Dr. Ranjan Kumar and
testing-agricultural-and-vegetable-seeds By US Deptt. of Agriculture
integrated-pest-management-of-horticultural-crops-a-colour-handbook By Emmanuel, Dr. N. and Dr.Suj
resource-geography-of-goa By Jakati, Dadapir M.
hydrogen-energy-for-sustainable-development By Vyas, Dr. Deepak and Gupta,
experimental-and-analytical-bakery By Sharma, Dipti
artificial-insemination-and-animal-production By J. D. Smapath Kumaran
fishery-resources-of-goa--a-geographical-approach By Jakati. Dadapir M.
study-of-the-effectiveness-of-cognitive-research-trust-cort-thinking-programme-in-improving-the-thinking-skills-of-secondary-school-students-of-haryana By Dr. Rajesh Kumar
gramin-parivesh-mei-machli-paalan By Singh, Dr. A. K.
ichneumonids-for-biological-pest-control By Sathe , Prof. Dr. Tukaram
ecology-environment-and-agriculture By Negi, Vrinda and Singh, Vir
television-evam-gramin-samudaya By Tomar, Dr. Ishu
extension-for-agriculture-and-rural-development By Singh Vir and Kashyap Shive
land-use-and-environmental-resources-methods-and-management By Gupta, Dr. Anil K. and Nair
nutritional-value-and-health-benefits-frome-fruits-vegetables-nuts-and-spices By Chavan U.D.
field-manual-for-research-in-agricultural-hydrology By H. N. Holtan and N. E. Mins
practical-problem-with-solution-in-waste-water-engineering-5-vols By Kaul, Dr. S.N. and Saini, D

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