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Astral publishes higher academic reference books in Agriculture, Science and Technology, Indian Medicine and Social Sciences. We have in-house facilities for typesetting, editing, designing, printing and distribution, manned by experire
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Astral distributes books not only in India but also globally. We have a wide network of booksellers and distributors, besides having a team of experienced marketing professionals. We promote our books through our catalogues, marketing.
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Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry and state-of-the-art technology. Most of our books are being made available in e-book format following standards of the industry.
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Books on North East India
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plant-biodiversity-conservation-and-management By Pullaiah  T,G. Meerabai
fundamentals-of-vegetable-cultivation By Maurya, K R
agriculture-at-a-glance-revised-edition-an-enhanced-competition-explorer By Sharma, R.K. and Bhoi, S.K.
introductory-horticulture By Christopher, E P
microbial-empowerment-in-agriculture By Sarma, Brinchi Kuamr and Ak
microbial-biodiversity-a-boon-for-agriculture-sustainability By Sinha, Asha and  Srivastava
handbook-on-field-veterinary-surgery By Zama, M.M.S. et. al.
perspectives-in-animal-ecology-and-reproduction-vol10 By Gupta, V.K. and Verma, Anil
plant-diseases-their-causes-and-control By Chowdhury, Sudhir
microbial-biodiversity-in-sustainable-agriculture By Dr. Ram Chandra
indian-floriculture--role-of-csir By Datta , S K
question-bank-of-veterinary-gynaecology-obstetrics-and-andrology By Thakur Matendra Singh et
sadguru-model-of-rural-development-mitigates-climate-change-in-indias-drylands By Agoramoorthy, Govindasamy
a-practical-manual-of-veterinary-andrology-and-reproductive-techniques By Khaja Mohteshamuddin and M.
radiography-in-veterinary-practice-at-a-glance-including-diagnostic-imaging-techniques- By Gangwar, Dr. A. K.  and Dr.
trends-and-determinants-of-savings-and-investment-in-indian-agriculture By Singh, Poonam
recent-trends-in-microbilogy-mycology-and-plant-pathlogy By Lakshman, H.C.
question-bank-of-veterinary-pathology-for-competitive-examinations By M. Mondal and Shailendra Si
botanical-histochemistry-principles-and-practice By William A. Jensen
veterinary-immunology-and-serology-a-practical-manual By Sharma, Varsha et al
major-constrains-and-verdict-of-crop-productivity-in-2-vols By U. N. Bhale
modern-methods-in-phytomedicine By Thangaraj  Parimelazhagan
advances-in-aquatic-ecology-vol-9 By
practical-problem-with-solution-in-waste-water-engineering-6-vols-set By D.R. Saini,S. N. Kaul,Pra
waste-treatment-processes-in-environmental-engineering-in-4-vols-set By S N Kaul,D.R. Saini,B.N.
natural-economic-products-an-encyclopaedia By Arvind Kumar,B.B. Singh,H
gramin-parivesh-mei-machli-paalan By Singh, Dr. A. K.
television-evam-gramin-samudaya By Tomar, Dr. Ishu
agricultural-pests-and-their-management By Shukla, Dr. Abhishek
disaster-risk-and-impact-management-approaches-tools-and-strategies By Gupta, Dr. Anil K. and Shar
land-use-and-environmental-resources-methods-and-management By Gupta, Dr. Anil K. and Nair
technology-and-nutritional-view-of-yoghurt By Jai Singh
bio-hydrogen-energy-and-sustainable-development By Deepak Vyas
experimental-and-analytical-bakery By Sharma, Dipti

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